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La Mante religieuse géante, aussi appelée INSECT ou Giant Praying Matis, est un personnage abandonné de la série Tekken.

On découvrit l'existence de cet insecte lorsqu'Harada posta un message concernant différents éléments présents dans les données de la version arcade de Tekken 3. On apprend alors que les données du personnage sont présentes dans les fichiers du jeu.

Lorsque les développeurs ont proposé un sondage sur Facebook visant à choisir un personnage qui intégrera Tekken Revolution parmi des concepts abandonnés, la Mante religieuse géante fut ajoutée à la liste.

Finalement, la Mante religieuse géante arriva sixième du sondage avec 6% derrière Eliza, Sexy Female Tekken Force, Shin Kamiya, Zombie Bride, Sake, et ex-aequo avec Ganmi-chan.

À noter que les votants n'avaient qu'une description physique des personnages et donc aucune image.

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Finalement abandonnée dans la version finale du jeu, la Mante religieuse géante se trouve néanmoins dans les données de la version arcade du jeu. Concernant ce personnage, Harada a expliqué : "Il y a aussi des données appelées "INSECT" profondément enfouies dans la mémoire ROM. Il s'agit d'une autre idée que nous avions à l'époque. L'idée d'un insecte... une mante religieuse géante ! L'idée résulte d'un bogue dans le programme dans lequel tous les personnages avaient leurs bras, jambes et corps extrêmement minces, ressemblants à une mante religieuse.

C'était vraiment très intéressant et ça nous a poussé à peut-être envisager de créer un personnage basé là-dessus et de l'appeler "INSECT". Cependant, nous avions de nombreux nouveaux personnages comme Jin, Xiaoyu, Eddy et Hwoarang sur lesquels travailler, de sorte que nous disposions pas des ressources nécessaires et que nous avons dû renoncer à l'idée."[1]

Message original en anglais

from Game Director/Producer of the TEKKEN series Katsuhiro Harada

"Everyone say: bringback JUN Kazama"

Jun Kazama (CLOSE TO RETURN, BUT NEEDS YOUR HELP) by CHALLENGER Vid have showed that there was some type off error or glitch of some kind. Anyone have the info on this?

Ok my reply here.

There are some interesting topics from the past lately. I guess I could shed some light on this since it happened quite a while ago.

It is true that data for 'SAKE' and 'JUN' is actually contained in the Arcade TEKKEN 3 version(Also Kazuya. But T3 Kazuya is just TEXT DATA only. Cuz He is a prototype of Jin).

I was the one who put it in there so I'm sure of it.

About JUN, there seem to be a lot of fans that think that Jun has died in the official storyline. That isn't exactly true. From Jin's perspective in the story, he believes his mother, Jun, has died. This is the correct interpretation. After the release of TEKKEN 3, I have officially stated to the press that objectively, and officially, Jun's whereabouts are unknown. So this is the official stance that has been stated repeatedly. Even so, the belief that she has died is spread and some "official storylines" have also mistakenly incorporated this myth so I guess it can't be helped.

Anyways, to get back to the story, Jun's data was included in TEKKEN 3 because there was still a possibility she might appear at that time.

Just to clear this up, the only characters that have officially been declared dead are the first King and first Armor King. In real-life, wrestling is heavier on entertainment but in the Tekken world, they can really die in their profession. In the Tekken world, pro-wrestlers are some of the only fighters that are always on edge during a fight, as they are in constant danger of losing their life. As such, they are tragic and alone but their existence shines bright.

Regarding 'SAKE', this was included when we planned to implement a new animal character. But there were a few problems...

It was really a salmon so, no matter if you press punch or kick, the character just flops around making a flapping noise... At the time, one play was 100 yen (a little over a dollar) so that is the quality bar to keep in mind for customer satisfaction. So we thought players would get quite angry if they had to pay that much to play such a character, and we gave up on that character. That kind of character might be OK in a console version, but not for the arcade.

There's also 'INSECT' data buried deep in the ROM. That's another idea we had at the time. The idea was for an insect... a giant praying mantis! The idea resulted from a bug in the program in which all the characters arms, legs, and waists were extremely thin and they looked like a praying mantis.

It was actually quite interesting so we thought of maybe basing a character on that and calling it 'INSECT'. However, we had a lot of new characters like Jin, Xiaoyu, Eddy, and Hwoarang to work on so we didn't have the resources and had to give up on the idea.

So .... do you guys like this kind of background story? There are so many stories like this. Maybe we should go drinking or On Twitter (@Harada_TEKKEN) and I could tell you more(or I’ll Tweets).

Oh one more thing.

About 13~14 years ago(After releasing tekken3). I heard "Bringback kunimitsu" from several people. and I revived her with Tekken Tag Tournament( A lot of opinions "I need more new character" were not adopted). But... Her(kunimitsu) usage rate and popularity were the lowest (Investigated in world wide).

"Everyone say: bring back jun". I heard it from the same person millions of times.

However, "Everyone" .... is it true??

If my follower (of twitter) increases , if a lot of opinions of the person were able to be heard, i'll think about it (However, please do not do spam lol). It is easy to understand that the opinion is short and simple. I will learn a lot of opinions there. and I will share your opinions and comments with my tekken project team.

PLEASE do not forget. I love all characters. All the characters are as important for me as the son and the daughter. (Similarly, time and budget are limited)

Thanks !!

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Comme les autres personnages du sondage, la Mante religieuse géante a eu le droit à quelques lignes pour la décrire :

Lors du développement de Tekken 3, un bug causait une déformation graphique des joueurs, et les concepteurs du jeu ont imaginé qu'il serait intéressant de conserver ce bug sur un personnage, dont le nom est aussi présent dans le code du jeu sur arcade. Faute de temps, l'idée avait été abandonnée.

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  • Il n'existe aucune image de la Mante religieuse géante, ni aucune vidéo du jeu hacké la mettant en scène.

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